The Elements

There are eight Elements that you can work with in SolveBoard. Each of the eight is described below along with how they are best used.

The Note Element
The most commonly used Element, the Note Element is a piece of information and as such, are the building blocks of a model. The Information Panel includes space for Notes, Website Links, and Files. The Note Element can also be modified visually by shape and color. The name that you give a Note Element can have two lines which will appear the same way as typed on the canvas.

The Lasso Element
A simple Element which allows you to build dashed blocks or circles that other Elements can be organized into. The Information Panel of the Lasso Element only gives you an option between Ellipse and Rectangle Shapes.
Link and Binder Elements 
Please visit the “Layering and Adding Canvases” section of this Guide. You can find it in the left sidebar.
The Picture Element
As the name implies, the Picture Element allows you to place pictures within your Canvas. As you can see below the Information Panel for the Picture Element allows you to “Set Picture”. When you click this it will prompt you to choose a picture file to upload. Once uploaded the picture will display within the Canvas.
If you wish to view the Picture in it’s original size, you can double click the picture within the Canvas. This will open up a Picture Viewer which displays the picture.
You can then drag out the corners of the “View Picture” screen to expand the picture size as needed.
The Checklist Element
This Element allows you to generate Checklists that can be used as part of a process or project. Often projects or a particular job is a collection of checklists. This can be a great way to consolidate several checklists and share them as a collection.
The Storage Element
A useful Element when it comes to the visual organization, storage, and sharing of large numbers of files. This Element offers little value outside of Premium Subscriptions.
The Talk Element
Please visit the “Conversations” Section of this guide. You can find it in the left sidebar.


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