Tactics are actions that are taken to address a Current Factor or to improve the Current Situation. For a Current Factor thatdoes, or has the potential to negatively impact the Current Situation of an organization, Tactics may be developed to minimize the effects of the Current Factor or eliminate it altogether. If a Current Factor does, or has the potential to produce a positive impact on the Current Situation, Tactics may be developed to take greater advantage of that opportunity or benefit.
Tactical Plans are a coordinated series of Tactics that are taken to address a Current Factor or improve the Current Situation. A Tactical Plan may have several different individuals each working on a different set of Tactics that appear to be unrelated, but come together in the end to effectively address a Current Factor. For example new regulations that govern a foreign supplier, thus impacting a company’s sourcing abilities, will most likely require a Tactical Plan that will involve finding alternative suppliers, reviewing the legal steps that can be taken, making production changes, etc.
Tactics can be used adjust The Plan in order to improve the Current Situation. If The Plan is not performing as well as expected because of Environmental forces than perhaps adjustment is needed in Activities, Capabilities, or Resources. Perhaps the Model or Value Proposition as a whole require adjustment. If a leader desires to change the vision of an organization , it may require a significant number of Tactics to get there.
A Current Factor affecting this wagon is that the wheels are broken. The Current Situation as a result is that the wagon is not operational. Tactics may include repairing the wheels or replacing them with a spare set. A Tactical Plan may to upgrade the wagon which would involve a number of coordinated Tactics. For example the wheels might be temporarily fixed, various suppliers would have to be contacted and negotiated with for the upgrade, and routes might have to redefined since the new upgraded wagon may be faster, thus meaning additional routes can be included.

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