Strategic Analysis

SolveBoard can be a powerful resource when conducting strategic analysis. The ease of developing models to work with, the growing number of templates already available, and the ability to layer information makes SolveBoard a great way to develop incredibly detailed strategic plans and analyze them. Below are some examples of how SolveBoard can be used in your organization to as a resource for strategic analysis.

Andy does competitive analysis for a Fortune 500 Company. He uses SolveBoard to organize information and events about competitors, in order to share them throughout the organization. 

Andy tracks the activities of competitors through the news, rumors, industry gossip, etc. He then shares these with executives and managers on relevant teams. He decided to use SolveBoard to do this, as it is easy to provide an overview along with additional information if the recipient is interested in learning more. He also utilizes Talk elements to answer questions from those viewers. Andy uses SolveBoard to improve organizational awareness of internal and external competitive strategy and events.

Andy is tracking the 5 largest competitors with this overview. Clicking any of the events that are taking place will give you additional information, website links, or files that can be downloaded about the event.

Heather is a management consultant. She uses SolveBoard to work with different strategic tools and models.

Heather works with various business tools like SWOT, the BCG Matrix, McKinsey Models, etc. She struggled to convey information in the right amount of detail on Powerpoint and other commonly used presentation programs. With SolveBoard, Heather found a solution that would enable her to present an overview of the model she was using, with the ability to dive deeper into various aspects as needed. It was a much more interactive and non linear approach than Powerpoint and could be just as easily shared. SolveBoard provides Heather with a great resource when working with an assortment of strategic tools.
Heather is utilizing SolveBoard to conduct a SWOT Analysis on a client company. Each factor is detailed when clicked and provides website links as well as any documents or other files that support the factor.

John is an analyst. He is using SolveBoard to organize information from a Bench-marking project. 

John has been working on gathering information for a large bench-marking project that the company has been working on. He is using SolveBoard since it will be an easy way to organize and display the vast amounts of information collected without overwhelming viewers. Every factor was developed by a separate team and is linked to a separate model that goes into great detail about the findings. John is able to organize and present the information from his bench marking project more effectively with SolveBoard.
An extremely detailed bench-marking model. It may not look like much, but there are over 300 canvasses attached to this overview, going into great detail about the specific items.

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