Stages of Engagement

Organizational engagement can be a challenging process for even the most experienced managers. Managing engagement between two departments of the same organization can be a challenge, let alone engagement between two different companies. There are numerous reasons for this which include protectionism, tradition, competitive rivarly, access to resources, etc. Whatever the reason it is often true that successful engagement can lead to positive benefits for participating parties. Organizing the process of engagement into individual actionable items which are then organized into stages can make engagement managers more effective. This template allows you to organize those actionable items into stages.

Below we have a blank stages of engagement template which can be found at

In addition you can find a blank 5 column stages of engagement template at


How to Use:

  1. Once you have figured out the engagement objectives you can develop actionable items that must be completed for a succesful engagement. You will then organize these items into stages, in that stage 1 is to be complete before stage 2 can proceed, followed by stage 3. For the purposes of this tutorial we are going to look at a consulting firm that is planning an engagement process with a client firm. The actionable items that it has identified in stage 1 include determining the collaboration framework, team members, location, budget, and expected outputs. Picture16
  2. Now place the rest of the actionable items into stage 2 or 3. Stage 3 represents the conclusion, meaning that when the items in the stage are successfully completed the engagement process should be successfully completed. As you can see the final stage for the consulting engagement include the presentation of solutions, modification of those solutions, implementation, and winding down the engagement.Picture17
  3. Use the information panel as needed to expand upon any of the items on the template. Information panels allow you to provide additional text, upload files for viewers to download, and/or provide website links that connect items with external websites.   Picture18

You can find this finished stages of engagement template at

The process of engagement can be fraught with challenges. By breaking down the engagement plan into actionable steps and stages, you can more effectively manage the process. This template provides an easy to use tool that allows you to organize the engagement steps into stages. Each item can be individually monitored, delegated, and updated as needed. By being easy to use and share, this template can be a comprehensive engagement management tool. As such it is a valuable addition to your management toolkit.

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