Sharing Models and Templates

Sharing Models on SolveBoard is easy. When you share a model with someone else they will be able to view all the canvases, review all the information panels, and download any files you have uploaded to that model. It is important to know that when you share a model, the people who you share it with won’t be able to make changes to it. The Element Toolkit is disabled as are the Information Panel editors. They will see the Model in the Viewer Mode as opposed to the Editor Mode. You can see an example of a Model in View mode below.

To Share a Model you simply click the Share button in the menu bar.

That will take you to the Share Model screen. Here you will see the Model URL. This is a Link that you can share which when accessed, will take the user to the Model. You can also use the built in Share Tool which will send an email with the Model URL to the recipients listed. If you wish to send a message to the recipients along with the Model URL you can do so in the Message box. It is important to remember that sometimes a message sent out through an automated system might be flagged as Spam. Therefore it is recommended to copy and paste the Model URL within a personal email to the recipients when this is an issue.
Users can also designate a Model as a Template. What this means is that a viewer can save a copy of the Model for their own personal use. It is important to remember that what Template users do with the Template does not affect the original Model. Designating a Model as a Template is simple. You simply go to the My Models Screen as below. From there you click the Properties button for the Model you wish to make a Template.
From here you can click the small check box that makes the Model available as a template.
Sharing Models and Templates is an excellent way to distribute information and ideas across an organization or a group of people. With SolveBoard this flow of information and ideas just got a lot easier.


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