Scenario Tactics

Scenario Tactics are the act of creating Hypothetical Factors and then developing Tactics that address those factors. Scenario Tactics can be taken to improve or protect an organization’s competitive advantage.
With Scenario Tactics, Tactics are preceded by Hypothetical Factors which are identified and defined via internal creation. Hypothetical Factors are developed through independent or organizational motivation, and might be the result of strategic planning, scenario planning, leadership direction, etc.
An organization may wish to create an Scenario Tactics in order to improve their work processes, even though they may be running smoothly. The organization might create a set of Hypothetical Factors which would cover a spectrum of related issues. For example a Hypothetical Factor such as “The operating machines broke down.” This would then trigger the individual to develop Tactics,  which would address the Hypothetical Factor.
Alternatively an organization may wish to introduce a Hypothetical Factor such as “Our primary competitor has been acquired”. The organization then develops Tactics that would address such an issue. In the course of developing Scenario Tactics, the goal is to extract valuable insights or ideas that can be implemented immediately in order to strengthen the organization.
Scenario Tactics allow an organization to avoid being overly reactionary. They allow the organization to improve itself and its competitive advantage continuously.
If one were to go hiking in an area that has a high prevelance of bears, that person might be inclined to develop a plan of what they would do if they did in fact encounter a bear. The person may develop a number of potential Tactics including bringing some Bear Repellant, not bringing the leftover steak for lunch on the trail, practicing what is suggested by forest rangers, etc. It might be that in the course of developing these Scenario Tactics, the person might just decide to hike somewhere else. In any case the act of developing Scenario Tactics has improved the person’s readiness and advantage by lowering the risk, if and when a bear is encountered.

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