Role Development Planning

Planning for the creation and development of functional roles within an organization is an extremely important component of effective management. Functional roles often have different levels which should be clearly organized and planned. Planning should account for training as well as performance review and management. This template provides a method by which you can plan for phased role development and management.

Below we have a blank role development planning template which can be found at


How to Use:

  1. Determine what role you are planning for first. Then you can determine the levels of that role. These levels might follow a traditional promotion path or be an informal development path that represents specific milestones in a specific role. For the purposes of this tutorial we are going to look at a procurement specialist role for a large company. The company has organized procurement into three tiers. Low dollar procurement, mid dollar procurement, and high dollar procurement. After this the next step is to become a source selection manager which is the high point for the procurement specialist role. Picture1
  2. Now you can begin to organize the requirements for each phase of the functional role. As you can see below the first phase of the contract specialist role is that of low dollar procurement. This requires training in the classroom and on the job, testing, biweekly monitoring, and random contract checks. The next phase or step in the procurement specialist role is that of mid dollar procurement. Picture2
  3. Going through the next phases of the functional role, list those items that are required in terms of training, evaluations, and performance management. As you can see below, each of the phases of the procurement specialist role requires various amounts of training and testing. Performance is checked at variable times based on the phase of development. Picture3
  4. Use the information panel as needed to expand upon any of the items on the template. Information panels allow you to provide additional text, upload files for viewers to download, and/or provide website links that connect items with external websites.Picture4

You can find this finished role development planning template at

Role development planning not only provides employees with clear progression paths when it comes to career planning, it also makes it easier to allocate resources throughout the organization. It allows for the organization of functional competence and for targeted training based on those levels of competence. This template can be useful both for organizing current functional roles as well as in the creation of new roles for a fast growing organization.

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