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Reviewing documents, meetings, presentations, etc will lead to a series of conclusions and questions. These conclusions can be categorized as being either positive or negative depending on your perspective. Listing these as they are identified can be useful in any review, so that they can be presented to others or referred back to at a later date. This template provides an easy way to organize the good and bad points during any review, along with any questions that pop up during the review stage. This can then be easily updated and shared with others.

Below we have a blank review assistant template which can be found at


How to Use:

  1. You can use this template while reading a document or listening to a presentation. If a positive or negative item is identified then go ahead and put it in the good or bad box. If you have a question during review then list it in the questions box. For the purposes of this template we are going to look at an analyst using this template when reviewing financial reports. From this review the analyst can then build a report. The analyst has identified as good the points of positive cash flow, the fact that long term investments are increasing, the number of new product introductions, and that the new VP of Engineering is well known. However the analyst also some some bad points which include declining growth rates, the state of the macro economic outlook, and the loss of a major strategic alliance. Questions that were raised during the review of the financial documents include off sheet transactions, the fact that the execs are dumping a lot of stock, and the decline in overseas income.      Picture32
  2. Use the information panels to expand on any of the items in your template. You can add website links, upload files, and input as much text as needed to further clarify the item. As you can see below, when the decline in overseas income element is clicked, it opens an information panel that further expands on that point. Make sure that you provide enough information to ensure any viewers are well informed.      Picture33

You can find this finished review assistant template at

Reviewing reports or other presentations can often be a time consuming endeavour. Keeping track of relevant information as it appears is a critical component of good review. This easy to use template allows you to organize the key points that arise during review, making them easy to share with others if needed. This template can be a practical addition to your management toolkit.

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