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When recruiting for an organization, managers are often looking for specific attributes that fill gaps or round out a team. Focusing on those attributes during the recruiting process can make the process more efficient and less time consuming. This recruit comparison template provides a way to compare candidates based on a number of defined attributes. Attributes that you select are tailored to both your organization and the position being filled.

Below we have a blank recruit comparison template which can be found at


How to Use:

  1. To use this template you first determine the attributes that will be utilized as a basis for comparing candidates. For the purposes of this tutorial we are going to look at a company that is trying to fill the role of HR manager. The hiring staff has determined the following attributes to be most important. Education, Experience, FSE Postings, Project Management, Certifications, and Past Performance. The three candidates that are being highly considered for this position are John Smith, Abigail Lutz, and Brian Bourne.Picture6
  2. Begin listing the information for each candidate based on the attribute. John Smith received his BA from Cornell and his MBA from Northwestern. His FSE Postings have included 2 six month postings to India. He has a yellow belt in Six Sigma. Picture7
  3. Working through the remaining candidates input the information as needed. Once completed you will have a good overview of how candidates compare with regards to the chosen attributes. As you can see John has 12 years of experience as a HR Manager for General Electric, however Abigail has more experience but with a less relevant position. Picture8
  4. Use color codes to denote those candidates who presents extremely well in a particular attribute. On the other hand use red to identify areas of concern for a particular candidate. As you can see below, the fact that Abigail has 16 years at Boeing in the area of employee engagement is of interest to the hiring staff. This in addition to her FSE postings, certifications, and past performance. Picture9
  5. Use the information panel as needed to expand upon any of the items on the template. Information panels allow you to provide additional text, upload files for viewers to download, and/or provide website links that connect items with external websites.Picture10

You can find this finished recruit comparison template at

Determining those attributes which are most relevant to a position being recruited for, and then comparing candidates against each other based on those attributes can be an effective and efficient method for hiring. Far too often HR Managers are comparing apples to oranges and in the process missing out on some potentially lucrative hires. This template provides a method for keeping on track and ensuring that the hiring process remains focused.

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