Project Management

SolveBoard is an incredibly powerful resource that can be used to support project management. The ability to quickly map out and share information, collaborate, and access that information from anywhere makes SolveBoard a high value tool for project workers and managers. Below are some examples of how SolveBoard can be used in your organization to improve project management.

Bob is a manager. He is using SolveBoard to organize a small process improvement project.

Bob has been tasked with setting up a small process improvement project. As he has no training in major project management software, he has decided to use SolveBoard to plan and organize the project. He was able to quickly organize out the various areas of the project then shared it with other team members. He then made updates to the model as necessary, ensuring everyone looking at the project model was looking at the most up to date information available. Bob was able to quickly organize, share, and manage project information with SolveBoard.

Bob utilized multiple canvases to organize this project. Each link has it’s own canvas or canvasses that information is displayed on. For example the “Goals” link takes you to a different canvas that pertains only to the goals of the project.

Julie is a project manager. She is using SolveBoard to assign tasks and communicate with team members. 

Julie is managing a project that involves team members in three different countries. When email and phone communications were not able to cope with the project demands, she decided to utilize SolveBoard as a resource to assist her. Now she has a project model, with a canvas for each team member, as well as a shared space. She also manages all of the project conversations on the model, which has sharply reduced her email and call demands. SolveBoard has made it much easier for Julie to manage her project, while also reducing email and call volume.

Julie set up the project model with news and information, links for individual team members, and communal conversations that all members are participating in.
When Theodore’s link was clicked in the project canvas it takes you to the canvas that pertains to him. As you can see here, Julie has a conversation with each member of the team. This allows for discussion about specific issues.

Howie is a project manager. He uses SolveBoard to keep his boss up to date with the progress of the project. 

Howie is managing a complex project with 5 major components. He has to keep his boss informed regularly as to the progress of the project. Meetings are difficult due to the schedules of both individuals and email is not sufficient to explain the progress of the project. So Howie uses SolveBoard to keep his boss informed as to how the project is fairing overall, as well as how each individual component is doing. In addition he has an ongoing conversation going with his boss to answer or address questions and concerns. SolveBoard has made it easier for Howie to keep management informed about the projects he oversees.
Notice how Howie makes use of color coding on the grid in order to point out different tasks. For this Task C was coded red since it is late and over budget. However Task D was coded green because it was early and under budget.

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