SolveBoard can improve the way you present information to others. By focusing on the ability to organize information on a number of canvasses that are non linear, others can retrieve the information they want, when they want. Below are some examples of how SolveBoard can be used in your organization to improve how information is presented.

Peter is an analyst. He uses SolveBoard on his Smart Board to present information in meetings. 

Peter often makes presentations to his managers and other executives within his organization. With PowerPoint he often had to field a number of questions about where he got various information, whether more information about a particular topic was available, etc. He would find himself going through folders in front of the meeting to answer these questions. With SolveBoard he could present information in a linear fashion, but with the ability to easily go into more detail if requested. SolveBoard enabled Peter to be better prepared for his meetings, while also improving the ability of his audience to engage with the material being presented.

Peter designed his presentation with the main points down the middle of the canvas. The supporting points or information is off to the sides. He can go to the next canvas by clicking the “Next Page” link at the bottom.

Erica works as a corporate trainer. She uses SolveBoard to organize, present, and share her training sessions. 

Erica trains employees on various processes, company procedures, and new systems. She struggles to organize her sessions in a way so that not only can users engage with the material during the training session, but also whenever they need to later on as well. In addition she constantly updates the information in her training models so that whenever users refer back to it, they will get the most recent information available. This reduces the need for follow up trainings or questions. SolveBoard has improved Erica’s ability to train employees effectively, while also ensuring those students can refer back to their training at any time.
Notice that Erica used a link for “Classroom Materials”. This way students that access the model can go to this link and retrieve any materials they need on their own.

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