SolveBoard can improve your planning capabilities as well as that of your organization. By setting up a collective space for information that is accessible from anywhere, SolveBoard can ensure that plans are easily built and shared.

Kipp is a project manager. He uses SolveBoard as a work planning board.

Kipp is constantly planning workloads for his project team. He determines what work is to be done, when that work enters production, and when it is complete. He uses SolveBoard to do this, since it can be easily shared with the project team. This way they get a clear idea of what is being worked on and what is to come. He can plan out the tasks in detail using links if needed. Kipp is able to better manage projects and the workloads of project staff by using SolveBoard.

This is his workload overview canvas.
This canvas helps Kipp plan the workflow of his project team.

Steve is an employee at a small business. He is using SolveBoard to plan an upcoming meeting he has been tasked with organizing.

Steve was recently tasked with organizing an important meeting for his boss. There will be a lot of information covered so he decided to use SolveBoard to plan the meeting. That way the agenda and model can be shared with everyone that is present. He also uploaded all the files and reference material for the meeting to the model, so if they needed to refer to something after the meeting was concluded, they could utilize the models to find the information they need. Using SolveBoard increases the value of meetings since everyone can refer to it when they needed additional information. 
Steve mapped out the meeting with a link to a different canvas for each segment of the meeting. That way attendees of the meeting could get more information about the segment they are interested in.

Abigail is an office worker. She uses SolveBoard to plan and prioritize her work. 

Abigail is a busy employee. She has tons of work to do on a daily basis, some of it important, some of it not so much. She has a tough time keeping track of what needs to be done right away and what can wait. So she started using a SolveBoard model to help her prioritize her work. She uses a priority map which breaks her work tasks into four distinct categories. She can move tasks around as they become more urgent and she can take tasks off when they are complete. Using SolveBoard has made life a little easier for Abigail at work, by keeping her better organized and on track.
Abigail attaches files as needed to her notes so she can access them quickly when she is ready to complete that task. For example she attached the time sheet template to the relevant note.

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