Performance Improvement

Breaking down overall performance into a number of metrics that can be measured and analyzed can be a useful performance improvement strategy.  By focusing on these specific metrics one can determine the reasons for success or failure to reach expectations. From there resolutions can be developed that will improve performance. This template provides this process in a way that is easily utilized and shared with others.  The template is unique in that it can be applied to individuals as well as organizations. For example the template can be used to suggest improvements for an individual on your team. Or it can be used to suggest improvements for a larger entity, such as a sales group or the organization as a whole.

Below we have a blank performance improvement template which can be found at


How to Use:

  1. To use this template first determine the metrics that are being analyzed. For the purposes of this tutorial we are going to look at a sales group that is being reviewed by upper management. As you can see below they have chosen four key metrics to review when evaluating the group. The average sales per month, the customer satisfaction, the percentage cost per sale, and the rate of current customer growth. Picture1
  2. Now you can begin by looking at the current performance. From there you can figure out the reasons for the current performance, followed by potential resolutions. As you can see below the current average sales per month is 42k. The reasons attributed to this performance are believed to be a general industry slowdown and historically poor sales for the area that the group is responsible for. Resolutions that might improve the current performance have been focused on making local discounts available to sales managers that might increase sales and drive growth.Picture2
  3. Work through the rest of the metrics in the same way. This template can then be used dynamically in that you can update performance on a regular basis as well as reasons that might be uncovered which account for current performance. Management can then visit the template when needed to review current performance and what is being done to improve that performance. Picture3
  4. Use the information panel as needed to expand upon any of the items on the template. Information panels allow you to provide additional text, upload files for viewers to download, and/or provide website links that connect items with external websites.Picture4

You can find this finished performance improvement template at

Improving performance requires a clear understanding of the variables by which performance is measured. Through this understanding we can identify what factors might be influencing those variables either positively or negatively. Remedial actions or resolutions can then be taken that will improve the current performance. This template can be a valuable addition to your management toolkit for both individual performance and organizational improvement.

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