SolveBoard is one of the most powerful organization tools available. The ability to visually organize unlimited amounts of information in an easy to navigate system is the core benefit of SolveBoard. It makes information easier to find, retrieve, and interact with. Below are some examples of how SolveBoard can be used to improve organization.

Ross is an employee at a large firm. He uses SolveBoard to organize his go-to documents and files so that he can access them from anywhere.
Ross works hard to keep all of his files and information organized. That way he can quickly get to it when he needs it. Ross does this by using SolveBoard which allows him to organize and access his information from anywhere. Ross is able to visually organize files and information in the cloud with SolveBoard.
Ross uses Notes where the information is limited to five files. He uses links or storage when there is a lot of information about that topic. For example each of the projects he is involved with has it’s own link.

Becky is an employee at a small business. She uses SolveBoard to organize her weekly schedule. 

Becky balances her job and her family. She sometimes has a hard time keeping track of what is going on from week to week. Now she uses SolveBoard to keep track of what is going on. She uses color codes and uploads files as needed to her scheduling model. SolveBoard is helping Becky to stay organized in her work and her life.
Notice how Becky uses a block per day. If she wanted she could break it down further, for example by dividing the block into morning and afternoon. Or perhaps even giving each day a separate canvas.

Joseph is a manager. He uses SolveBoard to organize large reports with lots of information, in order to share them with executives in his organization. 

Joseph is often asked to prepare reports for executives on a range of topics. Some reports have large amounts of information that has to be organized effectively so that the reviewers can find the information they are looking for quickly. He began to use SolveBoard to organize and share these reports. Joseph also keeps his reports updated so if and when an executive revisits the model it will contain the most recent information. SolveBoard helps Joseph organize and share lots of information quickly with others.
Joseph used a mindmap style approach when organizing out the information for this marketing report. Each element in the report goes into great detail about the topic and includes files and website links as needed.


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