SolveBoard can improve the quality of your management and that of others within your organization. Strong communication, effective planning and analysis, and a strong awareness of events are all qualities of a good manager. SolveBoard helps you do them all a lot better. Below are some examples of how SolveBoard can be used in your organization to improve management.

Kevin is a international business manager. He manages his dispersed group using SolveBoard. 

Kevin manages a group of traveling employees. As they are rarely in the same place at the same time, management has been challenging. Email frequently overwhelms the group and teleconferencing frequently is challenging. Kevin has started using SolveBoard, which employees can check from anywhere in the world. They can get documents they need, see what the work tasks are, and ask questions as needed. Kevin has seen a significant reduction in email since implementing SolveBoard as a management tool.

Kevin used color coding to indicate which member of the group the topic was in reference to. This way someone looking at it could quickly see what they need to look at.

Mike is a HR manager for a small manufacturing plant. He uses SolveBoard to manage employee growth and development. 

Being the HR manager of a small manufacturing plant has it’s limitations. Budgets are often constrained and expensive customized HR software is not up for consideration. However like a good HR manager, he monitors employee growth and development actively, making sure they are improving their value to the organization. Mike uses SolveBoard because it is versatile, easy to utilize, and he can attach important files within the model so everything stays in one place.
This is Mike’s overview of the R&D team that is located at the factory. Each staff member has their own binder which allows for a lot of detail for each.
When you click on one of the employee binders you are taken to a canvas with three links. Each of the links takes you to another canvas with the information for that employee.


Veronica is a manager. She keeps a model for each of the employees in her group in order to keep files, reports, etc about them organized and easily accessible. 
Veronica often finds the amount of paperwork for each employee overwhelming. The constant stream of training, feedback reports, correspondence, etc quickly overwhelms her. She started using SolveBoard by creating a model for each of her employees, using the same template for every one. When she gets a file or report about any of them, she puts it in the appropriate model, where it can be retrieved at any time. When an employee transfers she just sends a link to the model to the new manager and they can save it for their own use. SolveBoard makes Veronica’s job easier by making it simpler to organize and share large amounts of information.
Veronica uses this same template for all of her employees. That way she knows where to go find anything quickly for any employee. In addition she can access the information from anywhere.

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