Luffy Framework


The ongoing debate as to whether management is an art or a science is not going to end with the Luffy Framework. The near infinite number of subjective variables that take place when managing a team, project, small business, multinational corporation, or public agency all support the argument that management is an art. However the drive, supported more than ever by technology, to quantify and measure these variables support the argument that management is in fact a science, albeit one that we haven’t figured out yet.

I am not going to swing one way or the other in this argument. Rather I have sought to create a framework that can be easily understood and readily applied by managers all over the world. Whether you are managing a corporation or a lemonade stand, I wanted to create a useful template that is applicable across all organizations.

By focusing on the concept of uniformity I wanted to provide something that could be easily trained and applied. So if you were managing a sales project and then you were promoted to managing a team in China, you could take this framework and start working. If in your personal time you were asked to head a local charity drive, you could again use the same framework.

I believe that we need better ways to manage in a world of ever increasing complexity. So I focused also on simplicity. I took out all the management jargon and focused on making the template clear and easy to understand. I want kids to be able to use this to more effectively plan and manage selling their yearly quotas of cookies or pizzas for their Scout Troops. I want a young professional to confidently start work with a powerful method of managing their projects. I want someone who has always wanted to start their own business, but never knew where to start, to have that starting point. I want teachers who want to improve the classes they teach to have a tool to help them do that. I wanted to create something for everyone. This wasn’t easy, but I relish the challenge.

I believe that the framework that will be introduced in the following sections will give you a fresh perspective on management. It can provide unique insights as to how you can improve your own performance as a manager and as a consequence the performance of your team as well.

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