Innovative Element/s Development: Presentation to Stakeholders

One of the most important steps is the introduction of the Innovation Element to the stakeholders. The stakeholders often hold the key to a successful implementation, so introducing the Innovation Elements in a way that builds support and hopefully brings forward a few champions among those stakeholders, can be a huge advantage moving forward.

The presentation might include a report to be distributed, prototype demonstration, or as part of a town hall or other form of gathering. There might be different presentations depending on the stakeholders being presented to. For example senior management may require a much more detailed presentation then other stakeholders when it comes to high or broad level innovation. Product innovation may require a different presentation when it comes to marketing and sales staff then it would for managers in other departments. So make sure that presentations are tailored to specific groups of stakeholders.

What we are looking to gain from these presentations of Innovation Elements is feedback and suggestions on what can be changed or modified to gain a larger degree of acceptance. This presentation should not constitute the final version of the Innovation Element. Rather it should be geared towards refining and clarifying the Innovation Element which is what we will discuss in the next section.

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