Innovative Element/s Development: Refine and Clarify

Now that you have presented the Innovation Elements to stakeholders and gotten feedback and suggestions from them, it is time to refine and or clarify the element to make it both more attractive to stakeholders, and improve the chance of a successful implementation.

It is important to note that not every suggestion or idea derived from feedback is a good one or will add value to the element. In addition you will only be able to do so much with the Innovation Element once it has already been developed. So it is my suggestion that you rank feedback and ideas for improvement from that which adds the most value to the element to those that add incremental value or none at all. Focus your resources on what will make the innovation more valuable rather than trying to appease individual stakeholders.

Some Innovation Initiatives are so broad and contain so many individual Innovation Elements that clarification may be needed. This is to essentially tighten up the number of elements or changes to be implemented. To clarifiy is to ensure that the initiative is “not a bridge too far” so to speak. This requires you to revisit what it is that you really want to accomplish with this innovation and reduce or eliminate the rest so as to make it more maneagable.

The end goal is to present a updated Innovation Element that is more attractive to stakeholders and make them more willing to support implementation and acceptance which is what we will discuss in the next section.

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