Innovative Element/s Development: Planning

The next stage which applies to all three innovation processes is the Innovative Element Development stage. In this stage you will plan the development of Innovative Elements, present them to stakeholders, and then refine them if necessary following presentation so that they are acceptable to stakeholders.

The first step of this stage is planning. What this means is that you are going to organize and gather the resources needed to develop the Innovative Element/s. This might include human resources, financial resources, management resources, etc. You will also want to determine what the output of the development process will be at this time, whether it is a prototype, a report, etc. Once everything is in place then you can actually develop the Innovative Element/s.

This might be a very simple step or a very complex step depending on the number of innovative elements to be developed, and the size and complexity of those elements. An element that applies to a specific product or service might be far less complex than an Element that applies to the business model as a whole. If an innovation effort is broad in that it is calling for the development of several elements to be developed together, than again the number of resources to be marshalled often exceeds that of the development of a single element.

In the next section we are going to look at the development of Innovation Elements.

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