Innovative Element/s Development: Acceptance

After refining and clarifying the Innovation Elements as needed, it is time to again present them to stakeholders and gain acceptance for implementation. This will ensure that implementation goes smoothly, that the main principles of implementation are known and agreed upon, and that people are aware the benefits that implementation will bring to the organization.

Acceptance does not mean that every stakeholder has to champion or even agree with the Innovation Elements being implemented. To introduce an Innovation Element that has universal support among all stakeholders is an impossible dream. Rather Acceptance means that the approval or support of a critical mass of stakeholders has been achieved so that the implementation of an Innovation Element has the best chance of success.

If Acceptance is not achieved you may need to go back and refine or clarify the Innovation Elements even further. The importance of Acceptance cannot be understated. Organizations have strange ways of resisting change regardless of the amount of top level support an initiative may carry. So make sure you have developed and presented the Innovation Elements in such a way that people can understand them and the benefits they will bring.

In the next stage we are going to be looking at Implementation and the steps to ensure that it is conducted effectively.

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