SolveBoard can dramatically improve the innovation capabilities of you and your organization. By making visual organization, management, and the sharing of information and ideas easy, SolveBoard allows you to more clearly and quickly communicate new concepts to others. Below are some examples of how SolveBoard can be used in your organization to improve innovation.

Katie is a call center analyst at a large organization. She uses SolveBoard to share innovative ideas on how to improve the call center. 

In her work, Katie often comes up with ideas on how to improve various activities in her area. She has struggled to introduce these ideas to management effectively because she has difficulty conveying them through PowerPoint. With SolveBoard, she can organize her ideas and share them with her management much easier than before. When her management likes an idea, they just pass along the model link to the executives who make the final decision. Katie is able to accelerate innovation in her organization, by sharing ideas faster with SolveBoard. 

Katie developed a model that presents her idea for reducing call waiting times. Each step has an information panel that when clicked, describes the step in detail.
You can see here that Katie added a Talk Element that allows people to ask questions when they view the model. This reduces the amount of email traffic and allows others that look at the model to read previous questions and answers.
Josh is a leader of a culture improvement group at work. He uses SolveBoard to gather feedback about various issues.
With the culture improvement group at his work, Josh is always trying to get a handle of how various issues are affecting the employees of the organization. He has a lot of authority to come up with innovative solutions that will improve productivity and employee morale, but gathering information is tough. Josh uses SolveBoard as a Question Board where employees provide their feedback. This took the place of ineffective surveys and poorly directed culture meetings. With SolveBoard, Josh has improved awareness within his organization, while also reducing the frequency of email and meetings.
Josh has seven conversations that he is engaged in about a variety of currently trending topics in the organization. Every employee has the model link and can visit the discussion board at any time to ask questions.

The Big Idea Company is a consulting firm that develops and implements ideas for client firms. It uses SolveBoard to organize and manage ideas for each of it’s clients. 

As Big Idea consultants travel the world to various organizations to develop ideas for improvement, they struggle to effectively present the multitudes of potential ideas to client companies as well as other consulting partners who may be able to expand upon them. So the Big Idea Company began using SolveBoard which allowed their consultants to organize the ideas for one firm into one model which then could be easily shared as needed within the client organization, and with other Big Idea consultants. The Big Idea Company was able to increase coordination and collaboration with it’s clients by using SolveBoard.
The Big Idea Company organized out the ideas it developed for it’s client, ABC Corp, on this SolveBoard model. Each of the ideas is a link to a separate canvas so that it can be explained in detail.
Clicking the succession link in the idea overview, takes you to this canvas. For some ideas that had a large amount of information, several canvases were used to map the idea out.

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