Innovation Typing: ID Stakeholders

After you have established the innovation type/s that an idea applies to, you can examine who the stakeholders are going to be. Typically the broader the innovation initative or idea, the more stakeholders are going to be involved. This is why the clarification and definition step of the Ideation stage is so important. It allows you to tighten up the idea and maximize the impact while minimizing the number of stakeholders.

So tight clearly defined ideas equals a lower number of stakeholders which equals a more efficient Innovation Element Development stage.

Stakeholders include those that the idea will impact either in development or implementation. As in the previous section if the Innovation Type relates to structure, most likely HR will be involved as will a number of executives. If it relates to channel then sales and marketing may be involved. The tighter the idea is within a innovation type the smaller the number of stakeholders. If an idea relates to a new type of bonus structure for executives the number of stakeholders would be significantly then if it was an idea that related to compensation for all employees of the organization.

After establishing the stakeholders you will move on to working with them to establish that a need exists. In other words you are sharing the idea and relevant advance to be made with the stakeholders and confirming that the need for such an advance exists.

The next section will go into a more detail about this in the step called Establish Need.

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