Innovation Typing: ID Innovation Type

Now that you have a number of ideas that have been collected, filtered, and clarified it is time to match them to a specific innovation type. The innovation type will determine who the stakeholders are, and who would be appropriate either on an individual, team, or project level to develop those Innovation Elements and implement them.
I have read a large amount of material related to innovation and I find that the best way to ID Innovation is to use the types of innovation as described by Larry Keeley in his excellent book, Ten Types of Innovation. The ten types are as follows.
1. Profit Model – How the organization makes money
2. Network – How the organization connects with others to create value
3. Structure – How the organization organizes and aligns talent and assets
4. Process – How the organization uses custom or superior methods to do it’s work
5. Product Performance – How the organization develops unique features and functionality
6. Product System – How the organization creates complementary products and services
7. Service – How the organization supports and amplifies the value of it’s offerings
8. Channel – How the organization delivers offerings to customers and users
9. Brand – How the organization represents itself and it’s offerings to customers and the public
10. Customer Engagement – How the organization develops compelling interactions with customers
Each of these innovation types will often have different stakeholders and groups of individuals that are in the best position to develop Innovation Elements. For example an innovation element that will advance the profit model of an organization will often require the support of the highest levels of the organization, while innovation elements that affect specific product performance issues will often require a much lower level of support. Profit Model innovations will often need the participation of several departments that stretch across the organization to work, while Brand innovations might only need the participation of marketing departments.
In the next section we are going to look at IDing the stakeholders based on the Idea and Innovation Type.

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