Innovation Typing: Establish Need

Now that you have identified the stakeholders for the idea, it is time to establish that the value of the idea exists through collaboration with those stakeholders. The goal of this step is to make the stakeholders aware of the idea and confirm whether or not they agree that the idea has merit and will provide the advance that is required in an innovation effort.

This is an important step as it acts as a final filter before the idea begins to be converted to Innovation Elements. Stakeholders are naturally knowledgeable about what would work or not work in a particular area and they also have knowledge of what has been tried before. This step also allows you to gather intelligence about the stakeholders, such as who might be in a position to support the development of the idea, as well as who might oppose it. This will help you conduct planning as you will do in the Innovation Element Development stage.

This is the final step of the Innovation Typing stage. After completing this stage you will know what type or types of innovation the idea will be in relationship to, the stakeholders that will have an interest in the idea, and gathering initial support for the innovation effort through collaboration with those stakeholders.

In the next section we will move into the Innovative Element Development stage.


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