Innovation Approaches

There are three Innovation Approaches. Initiated Innovation, Responsive Innovation, and Directed Innovation. An organization would do well to be actively using all three approaches in it’s innovation efforts.

Initiated Innovation is an innovation effort which is initiated by the introduction of ideas or concepts.

Responsive Innovation is an innovation effort which responds to a situation, be it a problem or an opportunity.

Directed Innovation is an innovation effort which is deliberately initiated to advance the organization in a specific area or set of areas.

Each approach is unique in that the steps for disciplined organized innovation are different for each approach. However when it comes to the final two segments, that of Innovative Element Development and Implementation all three approaches converge into one. The output from innovation is the same regardless of the approach because the successful conclusion for all three approaches is that Innovation Elements are developed and implemented within the organization.

In the next section we will look at Initiated Innovation.


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