Information Sharing

Sharing information effectively so that people can find what they are looking for quickly is imperative in this era of information overload. Some studies have shown that knowledge workers spend several hours a week just looking for information, whether on intranets, emails, or by asking questions. SolveBoard allows you to organize information visually so that people can quickly find what they are looking for. Below are some examples of how SolveBoard can be used in your organization to improve information sharing.

Erin manages information for a project team. She uses SolveBoard to organize project files onto models which everyone can access as needed. 

As part of her job in a project team, Erin oversees the vast amount of information that is created and collected as a result of the projects. She has used shared drives and cloud storage to do this previously but has fielded many calls and emails about which folders various pieces of information are stored. With SolveBoard Erin can visually organize files, along with information that will assist users in finding what they are looking for.

Erin has utilized the storage elements, each of which can hold up to 100 files, in order to make files readily available to the project team. This way they do not have to store copies of files and can access them at any time.

Eric is a bank employee. He keeps a helpful collection of help files and step by step guides on a SolveBoard model everyone has access to.

In Eric’s bank as with most organizations, there exists a plethora of processes, paperwork, etc that govern the way the business runs. These are spread out all over the place whether on websites, intranets, training guides, etc. Eric started developing a number of folders that organize most of the most frequently used information and files. Over time he became a resource for others who needed to find a file or report template but did not want to spend a lot of time looking for it. So Eric moved his information over to a SolveBoard model and shared it with everyone. As new reports and information becomes available, he adds it. With SolveBoard, Eric was able to set up a helpful resource that improved the productivity of his coworkers. 
For those items that have less than 5 files attached, Eric just used the Note Elements. When there were more than 5, he used storage elements which can hold up to 100 files in each.

XYZ is a large international company. It uses SolveBoard as a tool to bring various topics to the attention of employees. 

XYZ spans the globe and as such, struggles to distribute information efficiently. The use of Email has been the primary distribution tool to date, however management has seen that engagement is low with this method. It began using SolveBoard as the primary information distribution tool since people could quickly find the items that interested them and get more information about them if needed. Everyone in the company has the URL saved and it is the first link on the intranet. XYZ has been able to improve the engagement and awareness of it’s employees by using SolveBoard as a communications resource.
XYZ can update this model on a daily basis. The shared URL remains the same, so employees that visit the model will always get the most up to date information.

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