Implementation: Refine

As observation takes place, you will start to become aware of possible improvements or corrections that need to be made with the Innovation Element/s. This is called refining and will help to ensure that you get the greatest possible value from the Element/s being implemented.

Refining efforts can be small or large depending on the size of the Element/s and the complexity of the improvements or corrections to be made. Refining can take place at one time or be spread out over an extended period of time, a form of continous improvement for innovation so to speak.

It would be a huge risk to assume that an Innovation Element will work or fit perfectly right out the door. A small problem that could have been corrected through the steps of observation and refining is ignored which might ultimately undermine the entire Innovation Initiative.

In the next section we are going to look at how we can learn from the Innovation Process each time we use it.


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