Implementation: Learn

Now that you have implemented the Innovation Element/s, observed them in practice, and refined them it is time to learn from the innovation process. What was done correctly? What did we struggle at? Did we do great at collecting ideas, but then struggle with identifying stakeholders and building support with them. Or did we develop a great Innovation Element only to see it fall apart due to a poor understanding of how it fit into the organization?

Learning allows you to continually improve the innovation processes so that they become more effective over time. Standardize the steps where it is appropriate. For example have a formal template for introducing new ideas to stakeholders, or provide a uniform Innovation Development process across the organization. This cannot be done without learning what works and what doesn’t.

The Luffy Innovation Framework is a starting point for your organizational innovation efforts. It provides a set of steps which you follow or adapt to the unique needs of your organization. Innovation should be a core activity if you wish to remain competitive, so get on board if you are not already.

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