Implementation: Implement

In the Implementation stage you will implement the new Innovative Element/s, refine them based on observation of the Innovation Elements during and after implementation, and learn from the entire process so that your innovation efforts can improve and be more productive in the future.

The first step of the Implementation stage is the actual implementation of the Innovative Elements. Since acceptance has already been achieved, what is happening is that whatever action, change, or improvement the innovation involves takes effect within the organization. Depending on the nature of the innovation this implementation might be immediate or take place over a defined timeline. An innovation initiative that is very broad and affects the entire organization will most likely have a longer implementation timeline than a localized innovation initiative that affects a specific part of the organization.

This step works concurrently with the next two steps of observation and refining. As Innovation Elements are implemented, both planned and natural observation occurs, and it becomes clear where refining can yield improvements or improve the success of the implementation.

In the next section we are going to look at observation and how it can be planned and organized in order to make refining the element quicker and more effecient.

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