Ideation: Clarify and Define

The final step of the Ideation stage is to clarify and define the ideas that passed the previous filtration step. This step calls for organizations to carefully review the ideas, break the ideas down into parts, and then remove the parts of the ideas that do not add value. What is basically happening is you are stripping the ideas down to their core value proposition. What about an idea is going to advance the organization? Can we improve these ideas so that they add additional value?

The output of this step can be a uniform Innovation report of some kind. While many books and thought leaders will tell you that uniformity is a killer of innovation, in fact quite the opposite is true. If the approach to innovation is too chaotic, the innovation tends to slow down because of the multitude of creative formats being used. If everyone in a company were brilliant innovators but all spoke different languages, then ideas would largely be ignored unless they agreed on a format by which all suggestions could be easily understood.

So I strongly suggest that an Innovation report of some kind be introduced that applies to the entire organization. This report will serve as the basis for the development of Innovation Elements that will occur in the Innovation Element Development stage.

Next however we are going to move into the Innovation Typing Stage where we will first discuss how to ID the Innovation Type/s to be used.

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