Current Factors

I refer to irregular factors that are either impacting or may impact the Environment or Current Situation of an organization as Current Factors. These may be potential or current problems, opportunities, etc. I call these Current Factors as long as they can be identified, even if their effects cannot be clearly measured. A Factor that occurs regularly and can be predicted with some certainty would no longer be considered a Current Factor but would instead be considered a part of the Environment.
Current Factors are identified through awareness, communications, or a combination of both.  Awareness of a situation occurs when an  individual or organization  identifies a problem or opportunity that has or may have an impact on the Current Situation or Environment of the organization. For example Current Factors may come to light after a diagnostic review of a production line, reading a trade magazine about new technologies in the industry, the announced merger of two competitors, etc.
Current Factors are also identified through communications. If a supervisor is told about several situations with a variety of production machines, he or she may be able to identify a Current Factor that may affect the Current Situation. If there are problems with the production machines, it is likely that the Current Situation will be detrimentally affected as the machines may not run as efficiently or become more expensive to operate.
The essence of Dynamic Management is the continual process of identifying Current Factors and developing Tactics to address them. This will ensure that problems that might detrimentally affect the Current Situation are mitigated and opportunities which could improve it, are taken advantage of.
The Current Situation of this window is being affected by the Current Factor of rain. The Ideal Situation might be that one can see clearly out of the window. The Current Situation is that one cannot see clearly out of the window. What if anything, can be done to improve the Current Situation? If this is Seattle and it rains most of the year, than the rain would be a part of the Environment since it is known and expected. If one had an expectation of being able to see clearly out the window in Seattle than they might use a Tactic to address this factor in the Environment, like building a small ledge over the window.

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