The Talk Element and Conversations

The Talk Element is a powerful Conversation tool which allows feedback and collaboration within a Model. It acts as a type of Conversation Board where people can leave comments, answer questions, etc. You can have as many Conversations as are needed within a model. In this way discussion can be focused on specific topics and areas of interest. As you can see below there is are three different Conversations going on within this Canvas.

Anybody that you share the model with can leave comments in the various Conversations. As you can see below, Brad left a comment as well.
When you want to see the updates to the Conversations that you are interested in, you can Join the Conversation. You have to be logged in to your account for the Join Conversation button to be available. When you click the Join Conversation button the button will change to read Leave Conversation.
When a Conversation is joined it is now part of your Conversations on the Main Page.
When you click on the Conversations it will take you to a screen where all the Conversations that you have joined are visible. In the Status Column you will see a Symbol that represents Conversations that have been updated since you last logged in. If you have a Conversation that is unchecked for over a day, you will get an email letting you know you have updated Conversations.
When you go to View a Conversation it will take you to a screen where you can see the full Conversation that has taken place, you can make new comments, and you can visit the Canvas the Conversation is attached to.
You have the option to create an Independent Conversation which is not currently attached to a Talk Element in a model. You can find this option in the Conversations page as seen below.
You can invite other people to the Independent Conversation using the built in email tool. If you are worried about the email not getting through, there will be a URL available on the Conversation screen that you can share in a personal email. By clicking that URL the recipient will be prompted to log in which will automatically add the Conversation to their Conversation list. See the second screenshot below for an example of the Subscribe URL.
If at some point you want to attach an Independent Conversation to a model, you can go to the Model, drag a Talk Element to the Canvas, and Import the Conversation.
This will prompt you to select which Independent Conversation you wish to Import.
When you Import an Independent Conversation the comments from the Conversation are copied to the Talk Element. In addition the Conversation is now attached to this Canvas and can be accessed by clicking the Go to Canvas button in the Conversation screen.
Conversations can be an incredibly powerful collaboration tool for you and your organization.


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