SolveBoard can dramatically improve communications for your, your team, and your entire organization. To get a better idea of how SolveBoard can improve communications, take a look at some examples of how people can start using this powerful tool today.

John is a small business owner. He uses SolveBoard as an information board for his employees. 
John uses SolveBoard to communicate news, events, and other information to his employees. He develops a new model each month and sends the model’s URL to all employees via email. They can then access the model and get detailed information about what is going on. It saves John a lot of time, since he doesn’t have to worry about writing a dozen emails about all the different topics. In addition, since each employee has the URL, they can visit the model at any time and get the information they need. With SolveBoard, John is able to communicate a lot of information without having to utilize email or meetings.
John broke down what was happening in March into 5 different subjects, each of which have relevant topics organized underneath.
John went into detail for each topic. This gives his employees an overview of everything that is going on, while allowing them to go into detail about subjects of interest.
Matt is a manager at a Fortune 500 Firm. He uses SolveBoard as an informal notice board for his group.
Matt manages a group of 6 employees at a Fortune 500 firm. Wanting to find a way to share information without having to write email after email, he opted to set up a model on SolveBoard that would serve as the group noticeboard. His staff check out the model every couple of days to see what’s new. Matt is able to keep his employees on task and better informed by using SolveBoard.
Matt created a group information zone. It takes him a few minutes a day to keep up to date and serves as a constant reference point so that group members know what is going on without a daily barrage of emails.
Sarah is a HR manager. She uses SolveBoard to share complex or large amounts of information.
Sarah often has to share information with HR managers in other locations within a sprawling organization. With locations all over the country, having in person meetings is expensive, and the amount of email traffic required to convey a lot of information is overwhelming. When Sarah needs to share a lot of information, files, etc she uses SolveBoard. SolveBoard makes Sarah’s job easier by visually organizing out the information she needs others to understand, reducing confusion and the need for follow up clarifications.
Sarah organized the new HR policies on the SolveBoard. Under processes Recruitment, Retention, etc all have extensive information available when clicked. In addition Sarah uploaded all the relevant documents to the model for easy access.

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