We are still working on developing a comprehensive ADKAR model which can be utilized within your organization. This valuable tool will be extremely useful for change and strategic management. This template is available at  

Strategic Visioning

Strategic visioning allows you to set an ideal state for your organization. Actually reaching your vision requires a careful analysis of various factors including the marketplace, the ability to change, management ability, etc. This template is a worksheet that is one representation of a strategic vision. This is a work in progress and as we…

Six Box Model

This template is still under development so that we can best determine how it can be utilized within your organization. At this stage it acts as a reference as opposed to an actionable template. This template is available at  

Morpho Box

This is a work in progress. Working to find a way to apply Morphological methodology to the traditional problem finding system of the 5Ws. Any advice or way forward would be appreciated. This template is available at  

Mission Model Structure

This is a work in progress as we are still studying how this might be better used when developing a mission statement. However in this era of short attention spans, mission statements are increasingly important to the brand so further tools are needed to help develop them effectively. This template is available at  

Opportunity Ladder

The Opportunity Ladder is a tool for problem solving. Starting with what might be a broad problem, you can refine the definition of that problem moving it further down the ladder. The closer you can move a problem or a part of a problem to the bottom of the ladder, the quicker a solution can…

Issue Space

An issue space is where various issues can be brought forward in the frame of what kind of issue it is, along with how one would expect to solve it. For example a specific issue might be “What do employee’s think about the vacation benefits?” where a general problem might be “Do employees like working…