Training Session Plan


Planning a training session often depends on a variety of factors. The time available to conduct the training, the number of objectives to be reached in that time, and the resources available to the instructor all must be carefully considered when developing a session plan. This template allows you to break down a session into…

Training Program


Developing a training program for an organization can be a frustrating experience, especially if the program is complex and requires a series of individual steps to be completed. This template is designed to make the process of designing a training program easier. It does this by providing up to 5 stages with which to organize…

Notes and Key Points Template


This template is organized so that you can list key points about a topic, have an arrangement of notes about that topic, and finally provide a summary. It is simple to utilize but if the layering system is used can allow for topics of great complexity or depth to be broken down and easily navigated….

Research Template


This research template allows you better organize the questions you are looking to answer, the sources you have available to answer those questions, and possible answers based on that source. For example if I want to know why icebergs are melting and two of my sources are a University professor and a VP of a…

Concept Breakdown


Breaking down a concept into component parts can be a valuable tool when it comes to education, analysis, and training. This simple template gives you the opportunity to break a concept into three component parts which can then be broken down further into sub components. When layered this tool can be very effective in understanding…

Four Stage Negotiations


There are many methods when it comes to preparing for and conducting negotiations. This simple four stage template can be useful for basic negotiations. It gives you a path to follow, spaces to input notes, and can be layered or color coded as needed. This template is available at  

Action Learning Program


Action Learning is a methodology that is often practiced in education and organizational training. It consists of taking the best available action in response to problems, reflecting on the results of that action, and continuously improving the program process and the solutions the program provides. This template is a simple overview of one type of…

Negotiation Relations Model


This model developed by Thomas Kilmann, looks at negotiation as a balance between the long term relationship of the negotiation partners and the short term advantages of favorable negotiations. When it is to be a one time negotiation, negotiators might seek a winner take all approach. On the other hand if you are aiming for…