Value Proposition Matrix


The value proposition matrix is a tool that allows you understand and develop the value created within an organization both internally and externally. This template provides a canvas by which you can organize value improvement initiatives according to how they fall on the matrix. Color coding can add a further dimension, an example being whether…

Blank Triangle Organizer


This template is a graphic organizer that uses a triangle shape. Most frequently used as a priority map with the highest priority items going to the top and the lower priority items going on the bottom. This template is available at  

ADL Matrix


Managing portfolios of products and services is key to maintaining competitive position. As product life cycles move towards maturity, one must consider their own competitive position in the market to determine the best course forward, and build their strategy accordingly. This template which doubles as a reference, can help you to determine which strategy to…

Value Based Management


Value Based Management is a method by which you improve the value of your organization by improving the components that make up the organization. It is a longer term approach then just seeking higher revenues or profit, but adherents to this approach claim it builds the underlying value of an organization increasing it’s competitive advantage….

Outsourcing Decision Matrix


The decision to outsource is a strategic decision that can have a large impact on your organization. While it can lead to considerable savings, it can also lead to a loss of knowledge in the outsourced area. It can build value or it can erode competitive advantage. This template allows you to place various functions…

Hoshin Planning System


We are continuing to learn about the Hoshin Planning System and make upgrades to this template. It has the makings of a great strategic planning tool. This template is available at

Pyramid of Purpose


The Pyramid of Purpose is a bottom up approach to understanding and developing an organization. Starting with the people and systems up to the values and vision, the pyramid lets you see within one visual canvas, your organization’s purpose and means. This template is a visual representation of that tool which can be used to…



We are still working on developing a comprehensive ADKAR model which can be utilized within your organization. This valuable tool will be extremely useful for change and strategic management. This template is available at  

Project Evaluation Matrix


When it comes to allocating resources towards projects, an organization will find that it has an endless list of what needs to be done, and a small amount with which to do it. Therefore tools are needed which help to prioritize or figure out which projects should be focused on. This template gives you a…

Opportunity Gap


Recognizing strategic opportunities and taking advantage of them are key ingredients for success. This template is a worksheet that asks you to spell out the steps to be taken to take advantage of an opportunity. Layering and color coding can help to elaborate on each step as well as provide guidance on how to complete…

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