ADL Matrix


Managing portfolios of products and services is key to maintaining competitive position. As product life cycles move towards maturity, one must consider their own competitive position in the market to determine the best course forward, and build their strategy accordingly. This template which doubles as a reference, can help you to determine which strategy to…

Pareto Model


The Pareto Principle holds that their is a general in-balance between input and output. For example 80% of the work is done by 20% of the workers. Or 90% of the sales is due to 10% of the products on sale. The commonly held 80/20 is a ballpark representation of this principle but in truth…

Greiner Growth Model


The Greiner Growth Model looks at the stages of a company’s development, with a look at the general crisis that precedes each stage of evolution. By evaluating this model we can better understand where our business or business unit is currently and better prepare for the next stage of growth. This template is a visual…

Porter’s Generic Strategies


This popular tool developed by Michael Porter, concludes that their are three overall strategies that an organization can compete on. Price, Differentiation, and Focus. There are many ways to view the implications of this and many ways to approach these strategies, but determining where an organization wants to be is the first step. This template…

Blank Attribute Comb Chart


This template allows you to rate attributes that you choose to measure. You can use color codes to differentiate the rankings. For example if you are ranking the attributes of two organizations, you can use the color orange for one and violet for the other. This template is available at  

Z Problem Solving Model


The Z Problem Solving Model is one of countless approaches that have been developed to make solving problems a bit easier. Key to competitive advantage both personally and as an organization, the ability to identify and effectively solve problems is a cornerstone of business education and training. The most effective approach to solving problems differs…

Organizational Development Pyramid


As much a reference as a template, the Organizational Development Pyramid is an excellent ground up view of your organization, with each step of the pyramid building off of the previous one. This template can be used to present the current state of your organization’s development pyramid. Using SolveBoard’s layering system, users can go into…

Counselling Colleagues


Counselling can be a great way to add value to an organization. A formal framework for this activity can be very beneficial to maintaining a consistent approach across an organization. This template provides a basic framework for counselling colleagues and can be modified and customized to fit the needs of your organization. Be sure to…

Coaching Plan


Coaching plans are essential to a successful value added training and growth program. Organizing a plan can assist greatly in identifying the most effective method of coaching based on the organization, individual or group being coached, and what is the goal or objective of the coaching. This template lays down a general coaching process which…

Performance Appraisal


This performance appraisal template allows you to build a formal process based on these basic steps or stages. Each is presented as a link to a different canvas which allows you to expand greatly on that particular step. Once completed the model can be shared with managers or other appropriate staff within an organization to…

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