Stakeholder Analysis


Stakeholder Analysis is a method by which you determine what parties and individuals will be affected by a decision, change, or policy. The simplest way to do this is on a grid where you can place the various stakeholders by their power and by their interest in the subject at hand. This template allows you…

Competitive Battlecard


Having information about a competitive product or service is paramount to making better decisions within your own organization. This Competitive Battlecard is a great way to consolidate information about specific competitive products and make them available to decision makers as needed. Having a battlecard for each relevant competitive product, that can be easily found when…

Perception Mapping


This blank template allows you to determine various dimensions you wish to map different subjects against. For example one dimension might be Price and the other Quality. If “High” is on top and on the far right, then a subject with High Price and a High Quality would fall in the upper right quadrant. This…

Notes and Key Points Template


This template is organized so that you can list key points about a topic, have an arrangement of notes about that topic, and finally provide a summary. It is simple to utilize but if the layering system is used can allow for topics of great complexity or depth to be broken down and easily navigated….

Blank Matrix


This blank matrix template allows you to customize the fields as needed for your project or work. This template is available at  

Blank Report or Presentation Canvas


This is a simple template that is composed of 5 canvasses, each of which is in order. You can add more canvasses by going to the last page and putting a link on the bottom, as in previous pages. On each page you can put part of what you are presenting or organizing, much like…

7 C Checklist


Using a communication checklist can be very beneficial when it comes to conveying information in a way that prompts the desired result. This simple template takes you through a series of 7 steps, called the 7 Cs which will help you to make sure your communication will be as effective as it can be. This…

Blank Chart


This template provides you a blank chart that you can use in projects, presentations, etc. Color codes and layers can be used to convey or add additional information as needed. This template is available at