Review Assistant


Reviewing documents, meetings, presentations, etc will lead to a series of conclusions and questions. These conclusions can be categorized as being either positive or negative depending on your perspective. Listing these as they are identified can be useful in any review, so that they can be presented to others or referred back to at a…

Chunking Information


Chunking Information is a great way to organize information into categories or “Chunks”. This template allows you to take a large number of independent notes which I call “Raw Information” and organize them into Chunks of related information. Easy to use and share, the template can be a great way to organize research, ideas, or other…

Organizational Charting


Organizational Charting is a central tool for organizations all around the world. From individual projects to international corporations, organizational charting allows one to visually understand an organization’s structure and layout. The Organizational Charting template is meant to be an example to demonstrate how SolveBoard’s unique layering system can provide unlimited amounts of information in an…

Kanban Board


Kanban is a work management method that seeks to optimize output without overwhelming workers. It is a great tool for process management as well as other areas like marketing, HR, project management, etc. The focus on visualization and collaborative viewing is a key feature with SolveBoard and as such, Kanban methods can benefit greatly using…

Weekly To Do List


A weekly to do list is a great way to organize out what needs to be done, keeping you on track while reducing the amount of wasted time. This template provides a canvas for users to organize an overview of what needs to be done on a weekly basis. Easy to share and update, it…

Circle Organizer


A simple graphic organizer for notes, ideas, and thoughts. This template can be found at  

Tic Tac Toe Note Taking


An ultra simple note taking template. Using the Tic Tac Toe visual, it allows you to organize notes into 9 areas on the same visual canvas. This template can be found at  

Two Column Note Chart


The two column note chart is a simple graphic organizer that allows you to post topics in the first columns with supporting information or ideas in the second. A quick way to brainstorm or organize out thoughts. This template can be found at  

Main Points NoteTaker


The Main Points NoteTaker is a simple template that provides a visual canvas that is divided in order to allow you to take and post notes according to your personal organizational method or style. This template is available at  

Meeting Agrendas


This template acts as an example of how meetings might be better planned with SolveBoard. You can organize a meeting into stages with linked canvasses that go into detail about each of those stages. Different presentations and documents can be attached to specific elements on the model to keep everything in one place. The model…

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