Negotiation by Stage

Negotiations tend to evolve over time to being more cooperative, as opposed to the starting competitive positions of the stakeholders. Any movement from the starting positions toward the positions of the other stakeholders would be a move towards cooperation. This template is visually represents over time the movement of negotiations from competitive to cooperative. This…

Negotiation Prep

You can never be too prepared for a negotiation. The more information you have and the more aware of the issues at play, the more comfortable you will be during the actual negotiation process. When you go into a negotiation less prepared then the other party, the negotiations will most likely be inefficient and not…

Negotiation Overview

Negotiation and the ability to do it well stretches across almost every aspect of life. From discussing terms with suppliers, to negotiating a house price, to trying to come to terms with your kids you will always be negotiating. Breaking down negotiations into component parts can make it easier to prepare and engage in them….

Four Stage Negotiations

There are many methods when it comes to preparing for and conducting negotiations. This simple four stage template can be useful for basic negotiations. It gives you a path to follow, spaces to input notes, and can be layered or color coded as needed. This template is available at  

Next Best Option in Negotiations

Knowing what the next best option to a negotiated agreement is, can be enormously beneficial when planning a negotiation strategy. Even better, understanding the other party’s next best option can help you understand what the limit is to how much they can give in a negotiated agreement. Each factor listed can be explained in greater…