Perception Engineering


When it comes to perception, it is often make or break for an organization. A company that finds itself on the negative side of public perception is going to have to fight an uphill battle to acquire and retain customers. On the other hand, an organization that is positively perceived is going to enjoy the…

Bowman Strategy Clock


The Bowman Strategy Clock is a tool that managers can use to help analyze an organization’s offerings in relation to it’s competitors. It works by placing a product according to it’s perceived value as well as it’s price. This template can be used to help you with this tool by offering an interactive version of it. By utilizing…

Customer Experience Mapping


Being able to map out the experience of customers in a variety of different channels can lead to valuable insights about those experiences and how they might be improved. The number of channels to reach customers today is decreasing, and so it is important that each of those channels provides an optimal experience. This template…

Value Proposition Matrix


The value proposition matrix is a tool that allows you understand and develop the value created within an organization both internally and externally. This template provides a canvas by which you can organize value improvement initiatives according to how they fall on the matrix. Color coding can add a further dimension, an example being whether…

ADL Matrix


Managing portfolios of products and services is key to maintaining competitive position. As product life cycles move towards maturity, one must consider their own competitive position in the market to determine the best course forward, and build their strategy accordingly. This template which doubles as a reference, can help you to determine which strategy to…

Pioneer Matrix


When examining a range of product/market segments, the Pioneer Matrix tool can be a great method to use. The tool holds that all products fall under one of three segments. A settler segment represents where your product has little differentiating value from others on the market, a migrator segment represents a stronger competitive position, and…

Quality and Price Spectrum


A competitive analysis tool, the quality and price spectrum is a great way to view your products and services as they compare against that of competing products and services. This template is a simple way to do just that. Are your prices in line with the quality of the products and services you are offering? Should…

Feature Spectrum


A feature spectrum helps to identify what characteristics of a product or service are unique and provide value to customers, as compared to those of competitors. This is done while also determining the benefit of those characteristics to customers and clients. Based on the results you can then make adjustments, such as adding features, that would make…

Blank Attribute Comb Chart


This template allows you to rate attributes that you choose to measure. You can use color codes to differentiate the rankings. For example if you are ranking the attributes of two organizations, you can use the color orange for one and violet for the other. This template is available at  

Marketing Approach by Segment


Once you have determined the market segmentation approach you can now determine which approach you will use for the various segments you will be marketing to. This template uses four different approaches for marketing to the segments identified. They range from a “Market to Everyone” approach to the very precise “Right Time, Right Message” approach….

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