SIMPLE Principles


I am all about simplicity. When I was abroad in Europe and Asia, I often found myself trying to explain concepts or ideas. Without the benefit of a shared language, simplicity was a must. You had to be able to simplify what might be a complex idea in order to communicate it with others. I…

Whole Foods: Company in Distress


Why in Distress? Whole Foods is stumbling from one public relations mess to another. Organic foods have gone mainstream, which has seen competitors apply an increasing amount of pressure on the Whole Foods brand. In addition, the grocery chain has become increasingly regarded as overpriced, with quality that differs little from competitors such as Trader Joe’s and Giant…

McDonald’s: Company in Distress


Why in Distress?  McDonald’s is struggling due to a combination of shifting tastes, the increased environmental awareness of customers, a trend towards healthier food options, and a wide range of emerging competitors. Market share is dropping, revenues are falling, franchisees are unhappy, and management is struggling to right the ship. My Take Some of the best…

Planning Organizational Communication


There is a plethora of communication tools being used by organizations today. A lot of funding has gone to startups that are aiming for the dream of building a one size fits all solution. This has not happened yet. The limitations of email are quite obvious to anyone who uses it on a daily basis….

Luffy Persuasion Framework


In my work and travels around the world I have tried to find commonalities across cultures when it comes to the act of persuasion. Persuasion could be sales, consensus building, or trying to convince your boss on a particular course of action. Based on my observations and research I put together the Luffy Persuasion Framework that you see…

Comparing Possible Courses of Action


When faced with multiple options a leader can often find themselves hesitating to act, with the fear that the choice they make may not be the right one. Rarely does the perfect choice present itself, rather there are multitudes of choices available. To further complicate matters, the time given to make that choice is often…

Managing by Purpose


There are a plethora of mission statements, vision statements, values, etc out there. A lot of them are terribly written, in that they are not practical and do not align the workforce behind them. Others are so vague that the expensive signs they are written on serve as decorative backdrops and not much else. One of the…

Strategic Options


Many leaders struggle when it comes to developing and aligning organizational strategy. They often coin strategies that conflict with each other, creating confusion and inefficiency in the ranks. What I set out to do in this post is to develop a framework that would allow organizational leaders to better understand and implement strategies within specific…

What Productivity Means to Simplible


I have seen a lot of definitions for the word productivity. It seems that every organization has their own unique way of defining it. However they all seem to boil down to build or produce more of something. A productive machine produces x number of units a day. A productive call specialist makes 20 calls…

Luffy’s Diamond Leadership Model


I define a Leader as someone who can effectively advance an organization, within it’s operating environment, towards meeting a set of objectives. In Luffy’s Diamond Leadership Model above, you can see the three management competencies that I consider integral to being a leader. Competency in Resource Management, Goal Management, and Relationship Management are those three managerial competencies….

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