10x Solutions


Solutions and improvements often come in incremental steps. People have a tendency to think of how to make something a little bit faster, a little bit easier, a little bit cheaper, etc. This drives the innovation process at most organizations. One of the things that I was taught by my first employer was a slogan…

Value Proposition Matrix


The value proposition matrix is a tool that allows you understand and develop the value created within an organization both internally and externally. This template provides a canvas by which you can organize value improvement initiatives according to how they fall on the matrix. Color coding can add a further dimension, an example being whether…

Value Chain Analysis


The value chain represents the activities that an organization performs to create a product or deliver a service. There are many different frameworks for value chain analysis. This template is a simple analysis tool where a chain of activities can broken down and the value factors for each activity identified. If changes can be made…

Process Improvement Framework


Process improvement is one of the most important aspects of obtaining and maintaining competitive advantage. This template is an excellent tool for breaking down a process into steps, determining if those steps can be improved and by how much, and determining how the improvement will be made. Users can go into more detail about the…

FMEA: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis


FMEA is a tried and tested method for improving the quality of a product by determining what may cause it to fail, what effects that failure will have on the product, and the causes for that failure. It has since been extended to include services and processes. This template is designed to conduct a FMEA…

Competitive Battlecard


Having information about a competitive product or service is paramount to making better decisions within your own organization. This Competitive Battlecard is a great way to consolidate information about specific competitive products and make them available to decision makers as needed. Having a battlecard for each relevant competitive product, that can be easily found when…

Competitive Analysis


Competitive Awareness is an integral part of success for organizations. Being able to clearly understand what other companies in your market are doing enables you to make better decisions when it comes to marketing, innovation, etc. This template is a simple method for gathering competitive intelligence. You simply list the competitors along the top row….

CTQ Tree


A CTQ Tree helps you to determine what requirements must be in place to meet a customer need. It starts with a need, for which quality drivers must be determined. Each quality driver will have performance requirements that must be in place in order to achieve the needed quality. This template is one way of…

Service Quality Model RATER


Focused on services, RATER is a tool used to determine if an organization is sufficiently meeting the needs of it’s customers. Best used in conjunction with competitive RATER models, these tools help to identify what can be improved in order to differentiate one organization from another. This template is a simple visual organization of the…

Five Level Product Model


When it comes to product or service innovation, it is important to start at the core benefit or feature and work your way up from there. This template is useful in doing this activity as it gives you an increasing amount of space for each level, representing the increasing number of options available. The core…

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