Blank Triangle Organizer

This template is a graphic organizer that uses a triangle shape. Most frequently used as a priority map with the highest priority items going to the top and the lower priority items going on the bottom. This template is available at  

Decision Tree

This blank beginner template for a decision tree is a great graphic organizer. Upload files, link websites, use layers, etc to start organizing whatever you need to. This template is available at  

Priority Board

There are a multitude of ways to prioritize information. Many methods are included as templates for SolveBoard. This template is a simple three box visual organizer. As the eyes tend to move from the upper left hand side of the canvas to the lower right hand side, so goes the prioritization of these items. Each…

Blank Cross Chart

This template allows you to work with a blank cross chart. You can map out various items along two dimensions with this template. In addition you can add a third dimension by using color codes. This template is available at  

Two Column Note Chart

The two column note chart is a simple graphic organizer that allows you to post topics in the first columns with supporting information or ideas in the second. A quick way to brainstorm or organize out thoughts. This template can be found at  

Main Points NoteTaker

The Main Points NoteTaker is a simple template that provides a visual canvas that is divided in order to allow you to take and post notes according to your personal organizational method or style. This template is available at  

Notes and Key Points Template

This template is organized so that you can list key points about a topic, have an arrangement of notes about that topic, and finally provide a summary. It is simple to utilize but if the layering system is used can allow for topics of great complexity or depth to be broken down and easily navigated….

Topic Notetaker

This template allows you to divide notes about a particular topic into subtopics on the same canvas. With up to 4 sub topics that can be utilized, this is a great way to organize and share information informally with group members. This template can be found at