Review Assistant


Reviewing documents, meetings, presentations, etc will lead to a series of conclusions and questions. These conclusions can be categorized as being either positive or negative depending on your perspective. Listing these as they are identified can be useful in any review, so that they can be presented to others or referred back to at a…

Chunking Information


Chunking Information is a great way to organize information into categories or “Chunks”. This template allows you to take a large number of independent notes which I call “Raw Information” and organize them into Chunks of related information. Easy to use and share, the template can be a great way to organize research, ideas, or other…

Perception Mapping


This blank template allows you to determine various dimensions you wish to map different subjects against. For example one dimension might be Price and the other Quality. If “High” is on top and on the far right, then a subject with High Price and a High Quality would fall in the upper right quadrant. This…

Blank Attribute Comb Chart


This template allows you to rate attributes that you choose to measure. You can use color codes to differentiate the rankings. For example if you are ranking the attributes of two organizations, you can use the color orange for one and violet for the other. This template is available at  

Problem Breakdown


Breaking down a problem is a very effective method for solving that problem. This method for breaking down a problem into component parts uses the same approach as the 5 Ws research method in a slightly different format. Using the SolveBoard template is a great way to present an overview of a problem to others…

Pros and Cons Organizer


Developing Pros and Cons is an ingrained decision making tool that is extremely effective at improving a person’s perception or clarity of a given situation. This in turn should lead them to make a better decision when the time comes. As important in your personal life as it is professionally, the understanding and analysis of…

Circle Organizer


A simple graphic organizer for notes, ideas, and thoughts. This template can be found at  

Tic Tac Toe Note Taking


An ultra simple note taking template. Using the Tic Tac Toe visual, it allows you to organize notes into 9 areas on the same visual canvas. This template can be found at  

Two Column Note Chart


The two column note chart is a simple graphic organizer that allows you to post topics in the first columns with supporting information or ideas in the second. A quick way to brainstorm or organize out thoughts. This template can be found at  

Main Points NoteTaker


The Main Points NoteTaker is a simple template that provides a visual canvas that is divided in order to allow you to take and post notes according to your personal organizational method or style. This template is available at  

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