This template is a simple brainstorming worksheet. Acting the same way as a mindmap, you simply input the core idea in the center and then work your way outwards. Meant to stretch your thinking about a subject, this template can serve as the springboard for a new idea. This template is available at  

Brainstorming Ideas


When it comes to brainstorming ideas, it can be difficult to categorize or prioritize them. By understanding the value of the ideas against the difficulty in implementation, one can make a better decision as to which ideas are best to pursue. This template gives you a visual space from which you can brainstorm ideas more…

Main Points NoteTaker


The Main Points NoteTaker is a simple template that provides a visual canvas that is divided in order to allow you to take and post notes according to your personal organizational method or style. This template is available at  



SCAMPER is a tool which drives innovation and creativity by thinking about current products and services in new ways. This template starts with a product or service you wish to improve or add value to. Then using the trigger words, you generate ideas based on this trigger word for how you would change or modify…

Six Thinking Hats


This was a method popularized by Edward de Bono in the book by the same name. It directs group thinking in a structured controlled format which helps to generate better results. Each of the Thinking Hats represents a unique approach to a shared problem. In addition each Thinking Hat responds and builds off of the…



Springboarding is a great way to quickly generate a number of potential solutions to a problem, narrow it down those down to a few, and then make a decision as to the best solution. This template makes it easy to do just that in a collaborative environment. Alternatively you can use Springboards to generate new…

TRIZ Springboard


TRIZ is a powerful innovation methodology that is widely used by engineers around the world. The TRIZ Springboard allows you to visually identify the factors you wish to improve and the undesired results from making those improvements. You can then review solutions, each of which has it’s own canvas, and start to collect ideas for…