Competitive Threat Analysis


It can be a valuable management practice to track and organize competitive threats according to their likelihood of occurance and their potential impact on the organization. By being aware of these potential threats managers can prepare responses that might mitigate their impact. This template allows you to organize and if needed prioritize these threats so…

Four Corners Model


Understanding your competitors can yield great competitive advantage. Competitive strategies and actions will be better understood, allowing you to react more effectively to them. This framework was developed by Porter so that managers could better predict a competitor’s course of action. The four corners referenced in the name are the drivers or goals the competitor has,…

Threat Box

Threat Box

Threat Boxes is a tool that helps you analyze potential scenarios or situations which may affect an organization. You simply place the potential scenarios and items along the grid, where you can better understand the nature of the threat. Other SolveBoard features such as color coding and layering can help make the Threat Box an…

Risk Analysis Tool


This is a simple risk analysis tool where you place various scenarios within a grid for how likely that scenario is, as well as by the impact it will have on your organization. For example a change in Government regulation might not be likely, but if it occurred it would have a major impact on…

Competitive Battlecard


Having information about a competitive product or service is paramount to making better decisions within your own organization. This Competitive Battlecard is a great way to consolidate information about specific competitive products and make them available to decision makers as needed. Having a battlecard for each relevant competitive product, that can be easily found when…

Competitive Analysis


Competitive Awareness is an integral part of success for organizations. Being able to clearly understand what other companies in your market are doing enables you to make better decisions when it comes to marketing, innovation, etc. This template is a simple method for gathering competitive intelligence. You simply list the competitors along the top row….

Scenario Analysis


Scenario analysis is a great way to look to the future of your organization, predict challenges and opportunities that might arise, and develop plans to address them. This template can be an incredibly powerful tool for tracking and planning for potential scenarios. It fits the SolveBoard layering capability perfectly. Current, Near Term, and Long Term…

Quality and Price Spectrum


A competitive analysis tool, the quality and price spectrum is a great way to view your products and services as they compare against that of competing products and services. This template is a simple way to do just that. Are your prices in line with the quality of the products and services you are offering? Should…

Competitive Happenings


Knowing and understanding what is going on around you in the marketplace is key to sustaining competitive advantage. Too often organizations are blindsided by events taking place in the market and pay the price. This template can act as a notice board which can be shared throughout the organization as needed. You can list the…



To succeed in business one needs to sufficiently differentiate the attributes of their products and services so that they are more attractive to customers than other offerings. This template allows you to list the normal practices or attributes of a product or service and how you plan to differentiate. Every factor can be further layered…

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