Potential Solutions


When faced with a problem or dilemma it is critical that you recognize many potential solutions that could address it. Multiple solutions provide flexibility to management in dealing with the issue at hand. Then one can compare the pros and cons of each solution and choose the one that best solves the problem. The first…

CERO Model


CERO stands for Cause, Effect, Ramification, and Opportunity. The tool is meant to help you understand different events and how those events affect the organization. From those connections you can spot opportunities that have emerged as a result of those events. This template is an easy to use interactive CERO Model. Managers can use this to…



This template is a simple brainstorming worksheet. Acting the same way as a mindmap, you simply input the core idea in the center and then work your way outwards. Meant to stretch your thinking about a subject, this template can serve as the springboard for a new idea. This template is available at https://www.solveboard.com/solveboard/view/model/499  

Innovation Exercise


This template is a simple brainstorming exercise that might lead to better ideas. Using the Title of the Note Elements to convey a word or thought, they can then be expanded upon in the Note Section of the Information Panel. When you think of a problem in your organization, what words come to mind? For…

Decision Tree


This blank beginner template for a decision tree is a great graphic organizer. Upload files, link websites, use layers, etc to start organizing whatever you need to. This template is available at https://www.solveboard.com/solveboard/view/model/256  

Scenario Analysis Model


Scenario Analysis is a method by which an organization analyzes possible scenarios, and the effect those scenarios would have on the organization. This template is a simple way to get started on that process. It allows you to brainstorm three scenarios, how each of those scenarios would affect the future, whether the scenario presents an…

Blue Ocean Opportunities


Blue Ocean Opportunities is another tool developed by Chan Kim. It provides users with a visual matrix that allows users to organize product or service ideas by whether the product or the market they fall into are new to the company. In other words, determining the level of experience an organization has in a product…

Blue Ocean Matrix


Blue Ocean Strategy is a popular innovation methodology introduced by Chan Kim. The concept is that a Blue Ocean is a market that offers little to no competitive resistance. This is in contrast to Red Oceans which are full of competitors and similar offerings. Identifying characteristics and factors of a product or service that can…

Brainstorming Ideas


When it comes to brainstorming ideas, it can be difficult to categorize or prioritize them. By understanding the value of the ideas against the difficulty in implementation, one can make a better decision as to which ideas are best to pursue. This template gives you a visual space from which you can brainstorm ideas more…

Pros and Cons Organizer


Developing Pros and Cons is an ingrained decision making tool that is extremely effective at improving a person’s perception or clarity of a given situation. This in turn should lead them to make a better decision when the time comes. As important in your personal life as it is professionally, the understanding and analysis of…

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