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Hiring is one of the most important activities of any manager. With new people come new opportunities, as fresh ideas and ways of doing this are introduced to the organization. Great organizations are more often than not made up of great people. So why is hiring so difficult? Why do managers struggle to find the right people and often get stuck with underperforming employees that are expensive? Many different approaches have been developed to hire candidates more effectively. This template is not seeking to replicate those approaches. Rather it is a simple tool that can be used to compare candidates for a position. The template includes a space for the names, a picture, an area to display the core skills, an area to display experience, and an area to display other information. The value of the template lies within the ease of use, the ease by which it can be shared, and the ease of scaling information as needed.

Below we have a blank candidate review template which can be found at


How to Use:

  1. This template is built for up to four candidates. The first thing you want to do is list the names of up to four candidates and if you are in a culture which allows pictures to be utilized during the hiring process, then you can input a photo. For the purposes of this tutorial we are going to look at a manager who is looking to hire a management trainee for the IT group. The manager has narrowed the list down to the best four candidates who are Bill Sanders, Susan Kliper, Brad Smith, and Sandra Fox.Picture1
  2. In the first two columns put the key points regarding the core skills and experience for each candidate in the corresponding area. As you can see below Susan Kliper’s core skills are Ruby on Rails and project management. The key experience for Brad Smith is an internship and a Harvard MBA. Remember to focus only on displaying only one or two key points for each area. These are the factors that will play the biggest role in the decision making process. You are essentially purging all that information that comes with any candidate and focusing like a laser on the most important things.     Picture2
  3. You can put other relevant information that will influence your decision in the last column. As you can see below Sandra Fox has been strongly recommended by the VP and has also gotten special recognition from the Department of Defense for her work there. Susan Kliper on the other hand has strong international experience and is fluent in multiple languages.Picture3
  4. Use the information panel to expand upon any of the items in the template. As you can see below, when Brad’s internship point was clicked on, an information panel came up that provided more information about the subject. You can use the information panel to place files, such as resumes or cover letters. You can also link the item to external websites.     Picture4

You can find this finished candidate review template at

Comparing candidates side by side can be a useful approach. It forces you to focus on the most important attributes each brings to the table. This template provides a useful method for comparing candidates in this fashion. Easy to use and share it can be a useful resource when it comes to making hiring decisions. Color codes can be used to further classify items in the template. For example green might signify an attribute that ranks very highly where violet might represent that something to be looked at normally. This template can be a valuable addition to your management and hiring toolkit.

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