Role Development Planning


Planning for the creation and development of functional roles within an organization is an extremely important component of effective management. Functional roles often have different levels which should be clearly organized and planned. Planning should account for training as well as performance review and management. This template provides a method by which you can plan for phased…

Performance Improvement


Breaking down overall performance into a number of metrics that can be measured and analyzed can be a useful performance improvement strategy.  By focusing on these specific metrics one can determine the reasons for success or failure to reach expectations. From there resolutions can be developed that will improve performance. This template provides this process…

Recruit Comparison


When recruiting for an organization, managers are often looking for specific attributes that fill gaps or round out a team. Focusing on those attributes during the recruiting process can make the process more efficient and less time consuming. This recruit comparison template provides a way to compare candidates based on a number of defined attributes….

HR Perks


The race for great employees is on. As startups, fortune 500 companies, and other organizations compete for talent, it is becoming increasingly important to identify and understand the perks that your organization is offering. Remaining competitive in an economy where increasingly creative perks can mean the difference between average and superior talent requires regular review…

Stages of Engagement


Organizational engagement can be a challenging process for even the most experienced managers. Managing engagement between two departments of the same organization can be a challenge, let alone engagement between two different companies. There are numerous reasons for this which include protectionism, tradition, competitive rivarly, access to resources, etc. Whatever the reason it is often…

Strategy by Stage


Developing organizational strategy can be a mind boggling proposition for many organizations. There are so many moving parts that strategy sessions often become confusing messes with no clear direction emerging afterwards. Determining the vision, or strategic objectives, is the first step. The second is organizing the tactics to accomplish that vision, in such a way that…

Employee Ranking


Many organizations have adopted employee ranking systems, some with great success while others were demoralizing messes. Enron’s famed “rank and yank” approach was feared throughout the organization and is considered partly responsible for the collapse of the company. Other organizations have been much more successful with their ranking systems. General Electric has been a company that…

Candidate Review


Hiring is one of the most important activities of any manager. With new people come new opportunities, as fresh ideas and ways of doing this are introduced to the organization. Great organizations are more often than not made up of great people. So why is hiring so difficult? Why do managers struggle to find the right…

Review Assistant


Reviewing documents, meetings, presentations, etc will lead to a series of conclusions and questions. These conclusions can be categorized as being either positive or negative depending on your perspective. Listing these as they are identified can be useful in any review, so that they can be presented to others or referred back to at a…

10x Solutions


Solutions and improvements often come in incremental steps. People have a tendency to think of how to make something a little bit faster, a little bit easier, a little bit cheaper, etc. This drives the innovation process at most organizations. One of the things that I was taught by my first employer was a slogan…